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Sunday, May 8, 2011

What IF...We Don't Give Up Hope?

One of my "cysters" from Soul Cysters posted a link to this wonderful infertility blog called Hannah Wept Sarah Laughed.  The post today was fabulous, asking the card companies and flower shops and churches and society in general to not forget those of us who are childless on Mother's Day, but not by choice. 

As I roamed around this woman's fantastic blog, I noticed she had won a video award from RESOLVE in 2010.  Being a former audio/visual production major, I had to check it out.  Here it is:

What IF from Keiko Zoll on Vimeo.

You can see why she won; it's amazing!  I'm always so inspired by women like this who take IF "to the streets", so to speak.  Those willing to share their own heartache in order to trumpet a cause that has injured so many hearts, lives, marriages, friendships, self-esteems and more.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's went by surprisingly fast for me; and I'm really grateful for that.  We skipped church after all, not wanting to hear another sermon about mothers or have to skirt around the receiving line of single roses being passed out to moms.  Instead, we went to our niece's graduation open house and stayed for 5 1/2 hours!  It was great to just hang out and talk and eat good food.

I just keep telling myself that maybe next year it will all be different...maybe next year...



  1. WOW what a GREAT video!!! There wasn't one question on that I haven't asked myself....

  2. I know! Keiko really hit the nail on the head with this video; she totally deserved to win!

  3. This is an amazing video! Thanks so much for sharing, Mandie!