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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Femara Resistant...That's Me!

I had my f/s this morning, and it turns out I'm pretty much entirely Femara resistant.  All I can do now is laugh; so I am - HAHAHA!  I had no (and I mean no) measurable follicles.  Boo!  However, my lining was a fabulous 8.6.  At least the Femara didn't wreck that like Clomid did!  See, there's always a positive side to every possibly bad situation!

Of course, this means I'm back to good, old Bravelle injections for the next five days; but that's okay, I'm really getting good at those.  I don't feel the needle go in at all (I've got a little side-angle technique I use *ahem* :), and the burning sensation I used to get when I pushed the Bravelle in doesn't really occur anymore (I guess I'm just getting used to it).

I took our little Scottie dog, Eagan, to the vet today; and he had much more luck than I did.  He was free and clear of any infections, and only has one more pill to take before he's officially deemed "healed".  So, that was good news!

This afternoon, I made the trip to see Dr. L, my new acupuncturist.  He was fabulous!  We didn't get to do too much (I didn't know I was supposed to bring my paperwork from Dr. S with me - oops!); but it was just really nice to have a doctor who understands PCOS right off the bat.  I hate having to explain and defend myself to people in the medical community; which is why I like Dr. S so much - he gets it.  And I think  Dr. L is going to get it too.  In short, I'm super excited to start the "real" treatments.  Today, he just tested the energy flow through my meridians.  My "overall" energy level was 82; which he said was "fabulous".  The over-achiever in me was proud. Ha!  I did, however, have one imbalance in my heart area, one area of low energy (can't remember where that was), and one area of over-active energy in the intestine area; which, not surprisingly, can manifest with infertility and screwed up hormones.  *le sigh*  Of course!

Tomorrow night, Mr. C and I are going to a conference for couples struggling with IF in our area.  It's called Your Journey, and it's split into two days focusing on different subjects.  The first is tomorrow night, and will be focusing on adoption after struggling with IF.  The second, is Saturday morning through afternoon and deals with IF and different treatment options and types of IF factors.  Dr. S and Dr. L are both speaking on Saturday morning; so, we weren't going to go (what could they tell me that they haven't already in hours of consults and examinations?).  But now, Dr. L has told me that two of the other doctors speaking only do IVF in their clinics.  If we are heading that direction, it would be good to hear what they have to say...I'm trying to decide if I should sign us up for that one now too.  Hmmmm...........???

Above all, I'm really looking forward to being the same room with a bunch of other couples who have struggled/are struggling with IF.  I know that sounds slightly morbid almost, but I am honestly glad that I will be able to look into all these other faces, all these other eyes, and see that they too have been hurting, struggling, paying tons of cash, praying like crazy, and hoping against hope.  I CANNOT wait for that!  COMMUNITY!

Well, that's it...nothing new and exciting...yet!

Love and Blessings to you All,

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