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Sunday, May 1, 2011

IUI? Aye-Aye!

So, our first (and hopefully LAST) IUI was this morning at 8 a.m.; and I can say that it was a smashing success!  Hooray!

Being early on a Sunday morning, traffic was relatively light; so, we made our 45-minute journey in about 30 minutes flat (if not a little less).  This is good since you really need to get a man's sample to the lab within 1/2 an hour of collecting it.

Everyone was waiting for us when we got there, ready to go!  The lab tech took Mr. C's cup and began the washing process (this took about 20-30 minutes).  Then, Dr. S came in with "goods" in hand (well, in a syringe with a catheter attached, in hand, that is!).  He said that Mr. C's count (# of sperm in the collection) was 50 million (ie: FABULOUS!) with 80% motility (again: FABULOUS!); so, he was really pleased.  He said that the combination of Mr. C's good #'s and my two fully mature follies and great endo lining (thickened to 10 at last f/s) gave us a great chance this cycle.  Woo!

This catheter was MUCH kinder than the one used during my HSG; I didn't even feel this one go in, thank GOD!  The procedure was done in about 10 seconds, then I had to lie back on the exam table with my bottom propped up on an incline for about 1/2 an hour.  After that, I was given some extra info and released. 

I go in for my p4 (progesterone) b/w levels on Monday the 9th, then a week or so after that I can take a HPT.  And this time, I'm not even going to test out the trigger!  I'm seriously going to wait the whole two weeks before testing!  *promise*

So, that's it.  All in all, it's been a great day.  Mr. C and I have high hopes for this cycle!  Thanks again to everyone for all of the good thoughts and prayers and hope you've poured out upon us!  We are SO appreciative, and we can never repay you properly.  Just know that we are grateful.

Love and Blessings,


  1. I feel like I should be wishing you an early Happy Mother's Day. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm trying to stay level-headed about it all. If it's not the right time, then it's not the right time; but we're believing that this is it! :-)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my post at spearmint baby! I also blog (a bit) about my story at

    I didn't know you had to have a catheter for IUI!! Why is that?

    Sending you lots of good baby-making vibes! Hoping for a good announcement soon!

  4. Amy, for an IUI, you must use a catheter to get the "goods" (ie: my husband's "donation") into the uterus (thus, intra-uteran insemination). The catheter is inserted into the vagina and through the cervix and then into the uterus; once in place, the doctor uses a syringe to force the sperm through the catheter straight into the uterus. :)

    I will definitely check out your blog! I follow TONS of other IF blogs out there, and it's a nice little community we've created. We cry together and celebrate together, but most importantly, we understand one another. I am so grateful!

    Good to "meet" you! ;)

  5. Hi, Mandie I am glad to hear your IUI was success. How long you get your HPT? My sister got pregnant through an IUI and she got her HPT after 2 weeks. Now, she has a cute baby boy. Well, Congratulations Mandie!

  6. @Tom: Sorry, I guess I didn't make myself clear...the IUI was technically a "success" in the sense that it happened without any issues; but there was no pregnancy.

    My doctor thought maybe I'd been having early miscarriages over and over again each cycle based on my symptoms during the 2WW. However, I had no luteal phase defect; therefore, the final conclusion was that I probably was not making good quality eggs and that my body had aborted it early based on chromosomal defects. :(

    We are going down the natural path now - doing Chinese herbs and acupuncture; but we have no clue what the future will hold. We are also starting an adoption in October.

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