To Love a Rose: An Ethiopian Adoption Journal

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow (which is really only about an hour and a half away) marks my third decade of life on this planet.  Time really does fly.  I can honestly say, though, that I don't feel a day over 18; and for that, I'm grateful.

I was telling Mr. C tonight that my birthday coming up has reminded me that I've spent a great deal of time lately being sad and upset and angry for large chunks of time, when really I have so much to be joyful about.  So much to be grateful for.

It's true.  My mom just found out she is officially 2 years cancer free.  HOORAY!  My sister, W, hasn't had a seizure in well over a month.  HOORAY!  My other sister, M, had a successful lumpectomy.  HOORAY!  What's more, I have a fabulous husband who loves and adores me - how did I snag such a kind, brilliant, sexy man?  I'm so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate!  I have the cutest (and NO, I'm no biased, he just really is the cutest) dog in the whole world who lets me love on him and fawn all over him and cry into his fur when I'm having a bad day.  My dad, mom, sisters, friends, husband...I am so blessed to have them in my life and feel their love!

Yes, I have PCOS; and it's caused some issues for me - infertility to pre-cancer, weight gain to acne, possible insulin resistance to increased health's true.  But, I'm so tired of focusing on the negative.  I refuse to live like that.  All of my symptoms could be a LOT worse.  I'm humbled by God's grace and mercy...I have prayed for protection, and he rained down favor upon me and kept me safe.  Even when I felt alone and abandoned, he was there, carrying me through.  What a powerful and magnificent daddy-God I have.  I will never be able to worship and praise him enough...even as I will for all eternity in heaven.

God has big plans for me...for all of us.  I can either allow myself to focus on what I do not have, or I can focus on what I do have.  I can either let my troubles weigh me down until I cannot walk, or I can cast off the cares of this life and choose to pull myself up and continue walking, continue fighting.  I choose to fight.  I choose to live and to live happy and blessed.

In just a while, I will be 30/3-0/thirty.  I just know that this year is going to be over-flowing with amazing blessings and gifts from God!  I feel a whole lifetime of God's compassion welling up inside of my soul.

Be well, Be blessed, Be love,


  1. Happy birthday, Mandie! I hope you have a wonderful day...and a wonderful year to come. :)

  2. Oh, thank you so much, M! I have big plans for this next decade of life...we'll see what wild adventures it takes me on! :)

  3. Mandie-

    Our birthday was the same day but I have 4 years on you! Happy belated birthday. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine. I wrote about our birthday on my blog at soulcysters. I was having a tough time with it, but I think I'm better for 34 instead of worse ;)