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Friday, May 6, 2011

Testing Out the Ovidrel Trigger

I debated on whether to "test out the trigger" this time around.  This is where you essentially POAS after the ovulation trigger shot (mine is Ovidrel, see photo below, but Novarel is very common as well) to see if it's "gone" from your system.  You can do this daily starting at 1 DP (day{s} past) the shot or just pick a day to start, like 7 DP trigger or so. 

Since the trigger shot is pure HCG (the pregnancy hormone), you will show positive on an HPT (home pregnancy test) for about 6-10 days after you take it (some women take even longer, though!).  The longest it's ever remained in my system was 10 days, but the past few cycles, it's been gone by 7 DP trigger.

So, I went ahead and tested today with one of my extra-sensitive early pregnancy tests.  It was gone!  So, anything from here on out can be relied upon as being "real".

This is what my Ovidrel trigger shots look like.  Unlike the Bravelle FSH shots, the Ovidrel comes in a pre-filled syringe; which is kind of nice.  No need to mix the meds and fill the syringe myself like the Bravelle. *thumbs up*

For some reason, seeing the BFN on the HPT today really bummed me out.  I know that seeing a BFN was the whole point of testing today - to make sure the trigger's out of my system - still, I couldn't help but be reminded of all the BFN's I've seen so many times before.  *le sigh*

I'm only just 5 DPiui today...most likely implantation hasn't even occurred yet (I'm talking optimistically here, as if it's going to happen! :-).  So, there's really no reason for me to feel so down; but I just do.

I'm going to go jump on the treadmill and try to forget about it all for a while...

To make matters worse, our sweet, little Scottie dog, Eagan, had an infected anal gland (yes, it's as GROSS as it sounds); so he had to go to the vet bright and early this morning to get that taken care of.  It's not pretty...there was blood everywhere, and he literally screamed in pain (dogs CAN scream) when the vet "expressed" the infection out.  Poor little guy.  So, now, he's got to take a bunch of antibiotics (he had a fever on top of everything) and wear a diaper (he's not very happy about this!).

Here's our sweet boy napping on his pillow with his cool reusable diaper on (well, we think it's cool, he doesn't really care for it too much) in our office today.

I'm just hoping and praying every day that this is our cycle!  This has got to be the most stressful 2ww I've experienced yet...probably because it seems as though this has been our best chance to date, and also because we are nearing the end of our ability to keep trying financially.  If this cycle doesn't work, we might be able to do one more go of it; but that will probably be it.  So, lots of stress and fear and sadness has been floating around our house, even though we're just trying to pray and believe through it all that we won't get to that point!

My family is coming down next week, and I'd love to have good news to share...we'll just have to wait and see.

Not-so-patiently Waiting,


  1. Hi Mandie,

    I saw your bravelle tutorial on youtube. It was very helpful. Didn't know I could squeeze out the air with the q cap on! Makes it much easier not to lose the medicine. Could you tell me where you posted the ovidril tutorial? Thanks!

  2. Hi there! Sadly, I never ended up making an Ovidrel tutorial; because we stopped TTC and decided to adopt at that time.

    I believe Ovidrel has to be refrigerated (if I'm remembering correctly)...just remember to warm it up a tiny bit beforehand (not too much or it will burn). Follow the same injection techniques in the Bravelle video and you should be okay.

    GL and much *babydust* to you!

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