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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Temp Spike, Batman!!!

Not only did I get a +OPK yesterday, but this morning when I took my BBT (as I have every morning for the past 2 1/2 years) there was a nice, beautiful temp spike!  Wooo!  I went ahead and dipped another OPK, and it was negative for sure; so, I can safely say I ovulated for the first time in possibly years ON MY OWN last night (and yes, don't worry, Mr. C and I DTD *wink-wink*)!!! 

If anyone out there with PCOS is doubting the power of diet, exercise, and most importantly acunpuncture, I am living proof that it DOES work!  Do not hesitate, try it now! :-)

So, I guess this means I'm in my first, all-natural 2ww!  Wow, SO COOL!  I'm so over-whelmed I feel like I could cry; but don't worry, it's tears of excitement.

Hugs and Much Love,

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