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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Script Frenzy!

I never got to put up a good post about my Script Frenzy experience; so, I thought I'd do so today, the last official day of the contest.

Script Frenzy is a "contest" in which writers attempt to complete 100 pages (or more) of a film, TV show, graphic novel, play, or comic book (series) script.  The contest starts at midnight on April 1st and continues until midnight of April 30th each year. 

This was my first year participating.  I had previously attempted to "compete" in NaNoWriMo (same concept except it's only for novels and takes place in the month of November) without success.  However, I was determined to make it work this time around.  I had a concept for a graphic novel that I had been fleshing out slowly for the past two years, and I was in love with it.  It's a good thing to be in love with your subject and characters; otherwise, you don't feel obligated to make it/them come to life at all.

I started like everyone else on April 1st, and I was surprised at how difficult that first day was; but it was fruitful too - 5 full pages (you only really needed to finish 3.33 each day to finish on time).  After that, it was smooth sailing.  I was shocked at times to see where the story lead me - and it did lead ME very much of the time! 

My characters took on new lives and spoke to me seemingly out loud in my office.  Plots twisted and turned away from my original plans and into new territory.  It was aggravating and fascinating every day.

On April 21st I typed out the last pages of my story at 107 pages.  It's nowhere near polished, and I have a lot of editing and re-writing to do; but I have to say  it felt pretty triumphant to put "the end" at the bottom of that page.

My goal for a while has been to finish my graphic novel (part one of a trilogy, actually) and then to begin work on my children's book series.  When I have both completed to a point that I would feel comfortable sharing them with others, then I am looking for an agent and "going for it".  I want to see these stories published.  And, if no one will take them after a while (it did take JK Rowling 2 years to get the first Harry Potter book published, after all); then, I will publish them myself.

Script Frenzy is a self-competition.  You're not up against anyone but your own mind.  It was good for me to push through this and realize that I can finish my ideas.  Most importantly, I think I realized that I need to put myself on a schedule.  Sitting down and writing every day, I was able to complete my goals relatively quickly.  I am a fast writer.  The whole process gave me a lot of self-motivation, and that's been the greatest treasure of this whole experience.


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