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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Photo courtesy of The British Monarchy's Flickr.

It's true.  I didn't go to sleep last night!  I stayed up watching BBC America's coverage of "the royal wedding" of William of Wales to Catherine Middleton.

When I was younger, I had a massive crush on Prince William (what 13-year old girl didn't?).  As the years went on, though, I became much more fascinated with his beautiful, humanitarian mother, Princess Diana.  I loved her; so, when she died when I was a young teenager, I was shocked and saddened.  I remember getting up very early in the morning with my mom to watch her funeral broadcast live on national American television stations.  It was especially heart-breaking to watch her two boys walking behind her funeral carriage and the close-up of the flowers they ordered for her casket with the inscription of "mummy" on them. 

I seriously debated whether I wanted to watch the royal wedding.  Honestly, to me, the most amazing thing these two princes do is care about people.  What a change from past royals who barely seem to comprehend what a normal person's life consists of on a daily basis - let alone the less fortunate.  Harry and William have gone out of their way to carry on their mother's legacy of selfless service to those in need, and for that I greatly respect them.

The hours ticked on this morning, and although I had the DVR recording, I just thought, "Heck, I've already made it this far, I might as well wait and watch the whole event!"  So, I did.  And I'm glad that I stayed awake; because for me there's something magical about knowing that something is happening live right as you're watching it instead of viewing a recording or re-cap of an event.  It makes you feel much more a part of things...of the energy of it all.

All in all, I was struck by just how very normal everything seemed to be, especially when Princes William and Harry arrived.  They seemed cheerful but nervous, and as Mr. C observed later, it was probably the biggest even they've ever been a part of - staggering to consider when you think of their lives in the public eye, but it's probably true.  But then again, what groom isn't nervous standing up there waiting for his bride?

I won't write a review...I wouldn't even know where to begin; but I thought that William looked quite dashing in his regalia from the Irish guard; and Kate's gown was surprisingly modern and lovely (made by the house of the late, GREAT Alexander MacQueen - I always loved his daring and sumptuous designs).  So, well done, royal family - we Americans love peeping in on your more fabulous days!  And CONGRATULATIONS to Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge; may you enjoy a long and happy life together!



  1. i loved the wedding! i know the british look forward to the royal weddings, but i was just as excited i think. now that i am married, i love weddings so much more. being able to connect with the love another couple has is amazing. what a great event! i woke up early and saw the ceremony twice, and cried once. it was beautiful. i loved kate's dress too. everything appeared perfect for them :)

  2. I agree with you; once you're married I think you appreciate the process so much more than when you were single (not that a single person can't enjoy it too, just that it's definitely different, IMO). My mom, sisters, and I thought about going into the wedding planning business before we committed to music fully. It would be so fun and amazing to help a couple celebrate their love through their wedding ceremonies. The most wonderful thing to me is how each wedding is different and really reflects the couple and who they are together - I love that! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who got choked up! :-)