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Monday, December 13, 2010

No "News", but Some News...

Well, still no news about the loan.  Mr. C called earlier today, but the loan officer's assistant said that the actual loan officer was terribly backed up (especially with the holidays coming up) and would get to us as soon as he could, probably tomorrow (Tuesday).  However, the assistant did a quick run through and said our chances looked "so-so".  Not great news, but it's news.

Also, I've been home today feeling so sick.  We have no heat in the new house yet, because the plumber who was supposed to come finish the job on the in-floor heating backed out twice on coming to finish it.  Thus, it's about 10 degrees outside; and we have no heat!  Ugh!  I think it's the combination of no heat and "my time of the month" which is making me feel especially awful today.

BUT, if I hadn't been home today, I wouldn't have received a very curious e-mail today from our contact at an agency we had considered going with before we chose Gladney.  The e-mail stated that there is a new program opening through their offices - brand new - and that they wanted to update us and let us know that we are eligible if we are still considering going with them.  They have no idea that we signed on with Gladney or that we had moved forward with the adoption through them.

I have been wondering all afternoon if this is God's way of sending me an answer...are we supposed to change agencies?  Are we supposed to change programs/countries?  What to do?  I'm going to keep praying tonight and tomorrow...I'm thinking about calling the other agency tomorrow to find out the specifics.

God answers prayers, just not always in the way we assume or think we want; but God does not do what we "want", he has his perfect timing and his perfect plan to achieve.  Whatever he wants to have happen, will work out to his glory.  I pray for guidance.


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  1. Glad you had some news. Praying God's direction will become clear for you and that your family will be together sooner than you could guess.