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Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Christmas Designs in our Cafe Press Store!

Well, as promised, we have finished TWO more designs for our Cafe Press Store!  Yay!  They're both Christmas/holiday related; so, hopefully people will like what they see and buy some goodies for gift-giving. *fingers crossed*

As previously mentioned in other blogs, all the profits of our store My Pink Robot go towards our adoption fees.  Even after the adoption is finalized, we have decided to keep the store running as a way to give money to different charities in America and around the world that help orphans and under-privileged children gain access to clean water, education, safety from abuse of any kind, and food and medicine.  So, spread the word - by buying from our store, you are bringing an orphan home to his/her forever family; and  in turn helping children's charities!

Here are a couple of my favorite items with our two new designs:

"Melkam Genna" means "Merry Christmas" in Amharic, the language they speak in Ethiopia.  We're going to buy one of these ornaments for Baby C.  It would be a great keepsake for any adopted Ethiopian child!

"Chrismahanukwansakah" kid's baseball jersey.  We love that, while funny, this design can have a more serious message of tolerance and togetherness...what better message to spread during the holiday season than love and peace?!

I love coffee; so, it only makes sense that I would like coffee mugs!  Mr. C and I have a pretty good collection started, but it won't be complete until we get this one too!

Throwing a holiday party, but don't want to leave anyone out by being religion-specific?  Put this dandy little sign in your yard and not only will your guests know where the fun is, they'll love that everyone's included! :-)

You can never have enough tote bags!  I know I am always using mine!  This would be a great option for a child or an adult to carry around the Christmas season.

Spread a message of humor, love, and tolerance with a Chrismahanukwanzakuh button.  Buy them in a 10 pack and hand them out to friends!

Thanks in advance for spreading the word about our store!  We greatly appreciate any and all "advertising" you all do for us!  We can use all the help we can get, that's for sure.


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