To Love a Rose: An Ethiopian Adoption Journal

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Happy with Joy!

I felt exactly like this joyous little girl today at my HSG with Dr. S. It was a stressful morning...starting at 5 a.m., full of anticipation ("is everything going to be okay?"); but Mr. C and I were over-whelmed with happiness to learn the good news.

The "good news" being that my tubes were free and clear of any blockages, and that my uterus had no fibroids or polyps - WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! Dr. S was so great - with his usual good mood and big smile. He had turned the monitor so I could see as he pushed the contrast dye through my uterus and tubes; and as it spilled out the ends of the tubes he nearly shouted, "Look Mandie! Spillage! And quick too - everything's definitely all clear!" We were all smiling and praising God (it's soooo cool to have a Christian doctor that really "gets it")!

I'm so grateful that the test was quick and relatively painless. After the initial insertion of the catheter, I was perfectly fine. Those first few seconds were a bit dodgey, but even when the dye was pushed through I felt NOTHING! SO GRATEFUL!

I'm sure I've shared the above video before, but it's worth sharing again! I hope you all are having as good a day as I am!

Love and More Love,


  1. OMGosh! So happy for you! Also, small world. We're friends with the parents of that little girl in the video you posted!

  2. Thanks Jamie! And that's amazing that you know that family! We watched this video at a women's conference I attended recently with my mom up in Iowa; and it just really stuck with me (how could it not?!).

    I needed to be reminded of how to truly praised God for his blessings instead of only focusing on what "could" be wrong or not "perfect". He has done so much for me, I should be jumping up and down like this sweet, little girl, shouting his good works like she does! :-)