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Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Follies Are Better Than None

Follicle study today (CD 12), and we found two good-sized follies on the right ovary...only one quasi-good sized follie on the left (which usually never makes ANY follies); but hey, I'll take it! Seems that the Bravelle injections really helped the Clomid out! But, as Mr. C said to me today, two good follies are better than one; and one good follie is better than none. :-)

My lining is still a little crappy - 6.5 (it would be better at around 8 or so), but I'll be on estrogen support until next Monday to try to help boost it before implantation. So, tonight I'll trigger with the Ovidrel shot; and then on to the bd'ing! Haha!

Dr. S said that if this cycle isn't "the one"; then we're definitely moving on to something other than Clomid. He thinks our only issue has been my lining while on meds - he can see no other reason why it wouldn't work. So, we're just hoping that this is it! You can't imagine how hard we're praying, seemingly constantly, that this will work - that this is it!

Everyone always says "just relax"; well, honestly, how relaxed would YOU be after two years of trying and three med cycles?! Not very! We're both trying to remain calm, but it's been more than a little difficult lately. I need peace, God, please give it to me!

Above all, I know God has a plan for us. There's no reason why we can't conceive at some point on meds. I know we can. I am just putting this all in God's hands entirely; we've done all we can do, now it's up to him.


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