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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Perfect Vintage (Clothes, that is!)

One of my New Year's resolutions is to dress "better".  I want to look more hip without being too hispter-ish.  I want to look more put-together without being too stuffy or overdone.  And I want to look more *gasp* grown-up without looking too matronly.

A few months ago (around Black Friday, I believe), I splurged on some true basic items from Forever 21 and American Apparel, and I mean BASIC.  I bought some long-sleeved tees and short sleeved tees that fit nicely in basic black, white, and grey along with some new charcoal grey and black leggings.  I also bought a couple of cardigans (one in teal, one in a light heather gray).  Later, I bought three new pairs of shoes (one bootie, two pumps); and I was feeling pretty good!

I took a whole evening and sorted through everything in my closet that I didn't wear anymore, couldn't wear anymore (because it doesn't fit me - waaaa!), and shouldn't wear anymore (this included anything I'd be hoarding from high school and college).  It felt liberating to get all of the unused items that were cluttering my precious closet space out (PS: all of those clothes are going to charity); however, once I looked at what was left I felt uninspired and, frankly, a little sad.  Everything was basic and blah.  Nothing stood out or made me excited.

I used to take HUGE fashion risks when I was younger, donning hot pink bell bottoms or a skin-tight red velvet dress (yes, it was the 90's); and while I don't want to wear things that obviously scream "hey, look at me!" anymore, I sure would love to wear clothes that make people see that the woman I've become is still that confident and fun-loving.

One thing I really want to do is add more vintage to my wardrobe.  I love the juxtaposition of new with old almost as much as that of feminine (soft) with masculine (hard/edgy).  So, I thought I'd dig around the Internet to see what I could find; and I thought I'd share some of these goodies with you!

There's something so effortlessly sexy about a faded denim jacket - reminds me of James Dean or something.  This jacket is available at Split Pea Vintage.

I LOVE this one-shouldered dress also from Split Pea Vintage.
Isn't this black velvet blazer hottt?  I especially loved how they styled the model's hair and sunglasses with it!  Split Pea Vintage.

This deep-"V" shirt dress is so cute when paired with the belt and tights!  Rock Paper Vintage
I think this 70's chevron dress would be adorable for summertime with some brown cowboy boots! Rock Paper Vintage

I actually love this whole outfit, but I think only the beautiful, boho shirt is on sale.  Rock Paper Vintage
There's something surprisingly modern about this military jacket.  Rock Paper Vintage
I love love LOVE this 70's, teal velveteen dress from Bleubird Vintage - too bad it's already sold out!
This 70's "Salem" tunic is adorable with the high-waist belt and shorty shorts!  I'd pair the outfit with some clogs or wedges for extra 70's sass!  Bleubird Vintage
I wish I could get away with wearing this outfit just as it is, but I'm feeling a little chunky and old right now. *sad face*  Bleubird Vintage
I love wearing green with my pale skin and red hair!  This dress looks so comfy too...hmm, I wonder if it would work as a maternity dress?!  *fingers crossed*  Bleubird Vintage
I even found this super cute cream Members Only jacket (and the tee underneath) that would look great on Mr. C! Bleubird Vintage
Mr. C really loves cardigans; and the pimento color of this one is unique, I think he'd love it (I KNOW he'd look good in it!). Bleubird Vintage
To my delight, I found some super cute kid's clothes too - like this hooded, rainbow dress!  Bleubird Vintage
And what about this teeny-tiny Members Only jacket?!  Ah! Could you not just die it's so cute?!  Bleubird Vintage

Going through fertility treatments is expensive; so, I doubt I'll buy many (if any) of the finds I'm sharing here today.  But, I do hope to make some purchases soon!  Just the little dabbling I did tonight really got my blood going on the "hunt" for clothes to make up my new "cool yet grown-up" wardrobe.  Wish me luck!!!


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