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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Name Game: Part Two

I get my 7 DPO progesterone levels checked tomorrow morning!  So exciting!  BUT, also nerve-wrecking!  I know you can't know if you're pregnant by progesterone levels, but you can tell if you ovulated (and if the Clomid, FSH shots, and HCG trigger shot worked!). 

But with one week officially "down" and one more to go before I can officially pee on a stick, it suddenly hit me (and Mr. C) that all of these names we've been throwing around for the last few years are honestly going to have to be whittled down once and for all!

Names are hard for me, because I LOVE them!  I'm writing a comic book and a children's series right now, and part of the fun for me has been naming all of my wonderful characters!  It's like having tons of kids that you get to name but never have to feed, clothe, or generally take care of - haha! *wink*

Few people have ever seen it, but I actually have a running "name list" that is about 10 pages long (single spaced)!  While I use this list to store cool names mostly for future characters, I also am using it to pull names for our future child(ren).  I've gone back and forth among that list from preppy and classic to hipster and boho sounding names - from comic book-esque to retro.  The only thing Mr. C and I have kinda (sorta) agreed on is that we'd probably like to keep the names (at leas the first name) as Irish as possible to honor our heritages (and my dual-citizenship); but then I hear some fabulous French name, and I throw that plan out the window (in my mind)!

Part of me wants to find out the gender of the baby (one day) and just wait till we meet him/her on his/her birthday and then just shout out the name that seems most appropriate for their tiny face.  But, I realize that with grandmas waiting expectantly to monogram everything possible for the wee one, this is probably not very practical or fair.  So, I'm back to whittling...heaven help me!

The good thing is, Mr. C and I have the same taste in names (thank you sweet merciful God!); so, there's been no fighting over something outrageous or ugly that he wants to name our future child...only that we can't give them 10 names (well, we could; but we won't).

So, without further ado, I give you my most recent name lists for boys and girls:


Fionnoula (pro: "finn" + "oola"; nickname: Finn)

Brigid (nickname: Bidu)  

Maeve (pro: "may" + "v")

Tallulah (nickname: Lulu)

Saoirse (pro: "seer" + "sha")


Roisin (pro: "ro" + "sheen")

Briony (nickname: Bri)


Finnegan (nickname: Finn)

Desmond (nickname: Dez/Des)









Cullen (nickname: Cully)

Rockit (nickname: Kit)
Yeah, okay, so 13 names a piece on each list doesn't seem whittled down; but trust me, it IS!  Lord help us when we truly have to decide!  Haha!  How did you choose your child's name?  Was it a family name or something completely original?  Did it have cultural ties to your heritage or did you just simply like it a lot?  I'd love to hear how you came to decide!

Dreaming and Scheming,


  1. Alicia: No real "news" to speak of. Cycle #1 didn't work, but I did ovulate (not well, but hey!:) for the first time in God only knows how long. So, there were some real positives to this cycle.

    Because I responded so well last cycle, I am on the same dosage of Clomid and Estradiol for this cycle (so far); and we'll go from there. I have another follicle study on Tuesday (two days) to see how everything worked, and I have a good feeling about this.

    I have been prayed over by so many amazing people these past few days, I am just believing that no matter what the plan is, that it will be amazing!

    So, hopefully, I'll have some really good news in a few days to share about how things are going. Thanks for asking, though! :-) We are feeling great, and are so excited to see how God plays this all out!