To Love a Rose: An Ethiopian Adoption Journal

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, my goal this November was to write a quick "what I'm thankful for" post every day of the month highlighting one or more things that I'm thankful for...of course, as you already know, that didn't happen.  :-(

It's not the same, but I thought I'd go ahead and write up a list of people and things I'm grateful for all year round but am especially reminded of this time of year:


Painting by Driscoll.
This is really too broad of a subject to be mushed into one category, but I could write for ages on this, I thought it best for the sake of this blog to save some time and space and put them all together.

I have personally seen God move in my life and the lives of those around me.  What always humbles me is that God is good to forgive and bless even when I know I don't really deserve it.  That's the wondrous thing about mercy and compassion; if we are truly penitent, then we are wiped clean and can move forward in his infinite grace and love!

In the midst of great personal tragedy and fears, I have always found myself enveloped by God's loving embrace.  I have lots and lots of "intellectual" friends whom I love very much, but who will never understand how I can be "duped" into believing in "god" at all.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to convince them of anything...all I can go by is what I have personally experienced; and what I have experienced is amazing!

God has lead me through some sticky situations that I put myself in to a better outcome, he has blessed me when I didn't deserve it, he has saved me from death (literally) many times, he has healed my sick body, he has lead me to true love, he has shown me the meaning of true forgiveness and mercy, he has given me peace (perhaps the greatest gift of all), he is leading me toward a different version of motherhood that is daily filling my heart with happiness.

God is good, and for that I am eternally thankful.


That's Mr. C and I during our engagement photoshoot - isn't he cute?!
I have the best husband in the world!  I know, I know...everyone thinks their hubby's the greatest; but honestly, this man is pretty darn perfect (for me)!

God has blessed me with a kind, selfless, hard-working, funny, intelligent, gentleman.  (Did I mention that he's super handsome too?)  Yeah, I'm the lucky one. :-)


My fam, minus Mr. C: (front, L-R) Whitney, mom (Kerry), dad (Mark); (back, L-R) me, bro-in-law (Carson), Michaela.
I have an amazing family.  We're all strong-willed, sassy, intelligent, independent people; but we all also really love to share one another's company.  We are always dreaming up new plans and ideas together.  I've had some of my greatest adventures with these people.  God knows what he's doing when he creates families; he definitely did right by us.


My sisters (and band-mates) and I on the cover of our first, self-titled album.
I know, this probably was technically covered in #3; BUT I think my sisters deserve their own shout out since they serve triple-duty as sisters, business partners (band-mates), and best friends. 

We've been through SO MUCH together, and I can say from experience there's nobody else I'd rather go into business with, go through scary health issues with, get into (and out of) a massive pickle with, have fun with, share dreams with, etc. than these two brilliant, talented, beautiful women!  I am amazed and blessed to have watched them grow up and be a part of their daily lives. 

I can't tell the future, but I KNOW we've got many more years of adventures coming our way!

5. PETS!:

Okay, for some reason my computer isn't letting me upload any more photos!  :-(  Waaaaa!  Sooo, the rest of this post is going to be a little bare - sorry!

BUT, suffice it to say, our pets are super duper cute!  We recently lost our beloved pet rat, Roxie.  She was so cute and smart and social; I miss her daily! 

We are blessed to have a precious and precocious Scottie dog, Eagan in our well as a flame-point Siamese name Seamus and white, short hair kitty girl name Moira - all rescues.  We both love animals and couldn't imagine life without them.

Well, honestly, in the light of there being no more pictures being uploaded tonight, I kinda feel like this post is going to be missing lots.  Ugh!  So, I guess I'll wrap it all up by saying this:

I am grateful for so many things that I'll never be able to say "thank you" or mention them all enough!  I am grateful for good health, for happiness and love, for fabulous friends (you know who you are!!!!), good food and safe drinking water, a roof over my head, music, movies, dancing, a body that can move and works properly... 

I'm grateful for adoption; without which I may never have the opportunity to be a mother.  I'm grateful to the country and government of Ethiopia for allowing Americans like Mr. C and I to adopt and love their children.  I'm grateful to Baby C's birth mommy and daddy who are going to allow us to love him/her and call him/her our own.  Gosh, I could go on and on forever about sunny days and freshly cut green grass and snowballs and warm sweaters - everything that I love...but I guess in reality, number 1 sums everything up; because "all good things come from God above".  So, really, I'm just grateful for this world God created for me to live in and create in and run around exploring in!

I hope you all have a safe and fabulous Thanksgiving this year!  Maybe next year I'll be celebrating and thanking God for having Baby C HOME!  Wooo!

Love and Love and Love,

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