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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Babies R Us 4-Day Cyber Sale

I never thought I'd be so excited over something like this, but I AM!  We just bought our first "bigger" item for Baby C - a stroller!  Yay!

To top it all off, we got it at Babies R Us online; and boy did we get a DEAL!  Right now, they have a limited (but nice) selection of strollers (including duos and jogging) marked down 70% WITH free shipping!  That's just awesome!  I looked at their promo at the top of the page, and it said it was a four-day sale; so, I'm assuming if you're still interested, it will be going on until tomorrow online.  So, go get yourself (or, really, your wee one) some goodies!

Here's a pic of the stroller we got.  It's by Maxi Cosi (a brand we loved), and is exactly what we wanted - comfortable and with a few nice touches (a place for my bag, nice security straps, reversible seat, etc.) but without being overly bulky and clunky (as sooooo many baby strollers are!).  Plus, it's black (well, technically "onyx"); which is great since we won't know Baby C's gender for quite some time yet.  I love it!

I can't wait for it to arrive.  Not that I'll have anything to put it in (yet), but just buying items like this makes it much more "real" for me.  I'm just so excited!

I've been feeling more and more as though Baby C is going to be a boy.  I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's God. ???  It's strange, though, because I always thought I wanted a daughter.  Mr. C and I were so close to marking "girl" on the gender preference section of our application, but decided that we should instead leave it to God, especially since this is our first child.  Either way, I'm in constant anticipation...I know I need to stay calm and prepare for the long wait ahead, but I just can't!  I'm way too full of joy!

Well, I'm off to beddy bye!  I hope some of you will be able to get something good out of the Babies R Us sale like we did!

Nighty Nite,

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  1. I always thought I wanted a daughter too - but God blessed us with Hayden and I can't imagine not having him. Boys are way cool! :) Either way, it will be wonderful! :) Love the updates! Nikki