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Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Starting!

We got a phone call today - not "THE" phone call; no, it's much to early for that!  But, an exciting phone call nonetheless.  Our first phone meeting with Gladney got scheduled today for this Tuesday.  Crazy!

I find it amazing that in one moment, you're just a couple; and in the next, you're on your way to being parents - for real!  It's not just something you've been hoping for and dreaming of and talking about - it's GOING to happen!

My emotions are all over right happy and yet nervous (read post below); but it's all good things.  I feel so much peace about this process.  Before, I was feeling so low and almost depressed about our situation.  Now, I feel so much joy.  I cannot describe it perfectly enough now, I hope to be able to in time.

I will try to write an update after our meeting on Tuesday.  We've been in Iowa vising my parents and helping with the family business.  So, it's going to be wild coming back and jumping right into a meeting.  I'm so excited, though, I just don't care!  Eeeeee! :-)

To Be Continued..........


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