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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute Kid's Clolthes: Recent Online Finds

Just for fun!  Here are some cute clothing items I found recently while searching around online for both boys and girls.  It's so fun to think about dressing up Baby C in all sorts of precious, little if only we knew what gender the wee one was going to be!  Ah the shopper's agony of having to wait!  Haha!

Checked "Bonnie Jean" dress from Sophia Style.

Adorable sweater dress from Australian online kid's boutique, Little Wardrobe.
I love this little coat from Etsy seller Mani Mina.

Knucklehead's "Malcom" cardigan at Little Dudes Only.
Knucklehead's "Elmer" shirt at Little Dudes Only.  I LOVE the shoulder patches!
Striped "sailor shorts" from Etsy seller zacobekids.
Do you have some favorite online kid's clothing shops?  Feel free to suggest them to me here!  I'm so eager to being shopping for Baby C, but until we get our referral, I'm going to try really hard not to buy anything gender specific - I wonder if I'll make it!  Haha!

Have a lovely day!

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