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Friday, August 23, 2013

Adoption FUNdraising! (help us bring Desi HOME!)

Many people who read my blog and also know me IRL have asked why I have been silent and scarce in my postings about Desmond.  Well, unfortunately, there is good reason for that.

I cannot and will not go into details about anything, but suffice it to say that it is best if I share practically nothing at all about the process UNTIL we travel to pick Des up to bring him home.  SO, until we travel, I will be keeping things to a minimum, as I have been doing these past several months.

There have been SO MANY milestones I wanted to shout to the rooftops and share with you all - he's getting so big and doing so well!  But, it's just not safe; and I do NOT want to jeopardize our adoption or anyone else's in any way, shape, or form.  It's even become unsafe to share such news on our private F*cebook pages; which makes me incredibly sad.

*EDIT: Turns out even when we travel we will not be allowed to share anything with anyone from our journey.  This greatly saddens me, but we will adhere to whatever rules are necessary to bring our son home.*  When we travel, I will be posting details and photos of our entire journey (we are planning to live there for up to a month during the finalization process); so, don't worry, there will be LOTS of cuteness to enjoy very soon! ;)  Truly, I have great respect for Desmond's birth country and culture; and I always will, no matter how painful and drawn-out this process has been.

All of that being said, we are in the final throes of this process.  As we will be traveling within the next few months (we assume), we are kicking our fundraising into high gear; but we hate the idea of hand-outs, and if we could do this adoption without needing any financial assistance, we most certainly would.  However, at this time, we do need a little extra help here and there; SO, we are doing some fundraising that makes sure that everyone who contributes gets something in return.

At the moment, we are launching our t-shirt fundraiser:

Images copyright of To Love a Rose, 2013.

The tiny wording below "LOVE WINS" says, "Spread the love at".

As readers of my blog know, the phrase "love wins" means a lot to me and my family in the context of my mother's passing; but it holds special significance in regards to Desmond's adoption as well.  I can clearly see God's hand in every aspect of Des' life and this adoption process.  He has orchestrated things beyond what any government or political leader can control to bring this exact boy into our lives.  Indeed, love truly has "won" in bringing our son into our lives. <3 br="">

My sister, M, and her husband own a screen-printing business; so, they have graciously offered to let us use their skills and equipment to help make these t-shirts a reality.  M and I will be making these ourselves for all those who pre-order from our adoption website.

Offered in sizes from infant to toddler to youth to women's and adults/men's, there is an option for every member of the family!  They are made of 100% combed cotton; so, they're really soft, and we plan on using a curable reducer, so the ink is low and keeps the t-shirts comfy for always.

Deadline to pre-order will be September 7th, 2013.  SO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR ORDERS IN here.

I am REALLY looking forward to making these t-shirts for everyone!  S and I plan on buying some for ourselves and Des and wearing them together when we travel to pick him up - cheesy but awesome!

Thanks in advance for any and all orders!  You have no idea how much it humbles us when people want and do help out with Desmond's adoption, it means more than you will ever know.



  1. This makes me SO HAPPY! I was really worried that it was bad news as in the adoption fell through. :) Awesome. I'm glad I randomly checked back today.