To Love a Rose: An Ethiopian Adoption Journal

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Head On Over...

to Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed TODAY to read my post on my struggle with PCOS!  I'm so honored to have been chosen to speak for PCOS Awareness Month.


  1. Great article Mandie!! This is really shaping up to be a wonderful series. I'm so sorry about your family's cancer history - PCOS is just the evil gift that keeps on giving. :(

  2. Hi Mandie - I found you through Keiko's blog. Thank you for pouring out your heart in that post. You have been through so much and you are so strong.
    I love your blog!! Love the little price pictue. I am also a Montessori teacher so I loved that post about it. (I know you can buy a book on Montessori for baby but it looks like you have incorporated a lot of the ideas already). I am also unsure about the whole baby on the floor thing - will prob not do that! But thanks for all your ideas and links.
    I also liked your post about the chinese herbs. I am going to a homeopath / acupuncturist and he is helping me regain strength after my lap. (I don't have PCOS, I don't think but I did have a cyst and some endomtriosis removed).
    Anyway it is good to connect with you. I really hope things work out for you with the adoption journey.

  3. Thanks Melissa! And yes, it is the evil gift that keeps giving - argh!

    Heather: So glad to "meet" you! :-) That's so cool that you're a Montessori teacher! I really wish there was a school nearby us, but there just isn't. When I lived in Nashville there were several options, but of course I wasn't married or thinking kids then. *le sigh*

    I know the acupuncture will help you - I just know it! Much good luck to you on your journey, my friend! Oh, and thanks so much for the good thoughts on our adoption...we are just hoping for the very best of situations this time around. Be blessed!