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Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeffrey Sebelia's "La Miniatura": Rockin' Clothes for Boys

My ALL TIME FAVORITE winner of Project Runway is Jeffrey Sebelia!!!!  Everything he made, I wanted to wear! Picture courtesy of

So, I am literally FREAKING OUT about Jeffrey Sebelia's new line of boy's clothes La Miniatura!  Everything is amazing and adorable and punked-out and very rock-n-roll and...well, I just LOVE it!  If I could, I would dress Mr. C in these clothes - seriously, they are that amazing!  Have a look for yourself:

All photos courtesy of La Miniatura Kids.

Have you ever seen more adorable yet sophisticated clothes for little boys???  I think not.  I love that the line's slogan is "dress your kid with dignity"; I think this line more than accomplishes this feat!  I'm sure Sebelia's own son, Harrison Detroit, had a lot to do with the inspiration behind these fantastic designs.  If we have a son, I am SOOOOO going to be buying that black, velvet suit!  You can count on it!

Click here for stores and here to contact!

Bowing to the Genius that is Jeffrey Sebelia,

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  1. Those clothes are VERY cool but I betcha they cost a pretty penny and why would ya wanna spend so much on kid's clothes that you know they're gonna outgrow in like a month! But yeah I'd probably be one of those Moms that would totally buy from this guy, pretty great stuff! :) :)