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Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeffrey Sebelia's "La Miniatura": Rockin' Clothes for Boys

My ALL TIME FAVORITE winner of Project Runway is Jeffrey Sebelia!!!!  Everything he made, I wanted to wear! Picture courtesy of

So, I am literally FREAKING OUT about Jeffrey Sebelia's new line of boy's clothes La Miniatura!  Everything is amazing and adorable and punked-out and very rock-n-roll and...well, I just LOVE it!  If I could, I would dress Mr. C in these clothes - seriously, they are that amazing!  Have a look for yourself:

All photos courtesy of La Miniatura Kids.

Have you ever seen more adorable yet sophisticated clothes for little boys???  I think not.  I love that the line's slogan is "dress your kid with dignity"; I think this line more than accomplishes this feat!  I'm sure Sebelia's own son, Harrison Detroit, had a lot to do with the inspiration behind these fantastic designs.  If we have a son, I am SOOOOO going to be buying that black, velvet suit!  You can count on it!

Click here for stores and here to contact!

Bowing to the Genius that is Jeffrey Sebelia,


  1. Those clothes are VERY cool but I betcha they cost a pretty penny and why would ya wanna spend so much on kid's clothes that you know they're gonna outgrow in like a month! But yeah I'd probably be one of those Moms that would totally buy from this guy, pretty great stuff! :) :)

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