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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures from the Cancer Battlefield: Part 11

Reading my Kindle in mom's room (stem cell #6 this time) while she gets her SECOND TO LAST rounds of chemo before transplant.

Mom was on isolation due to an infection, but Uncle Rick came to see her anyway - so nice to see them all!  (L-R: Sean, me, mom, Rick O'Mahony, Angie O'Mahony, and cousin Pamela Jenkins)

Mom and Uncle Rick.
Tuckered out in out-patient.
Mom and Dad at mom's nurse, Dawn Krause's house.  She had us and some other stem cell patients over for dinner; it was very nice of her.
April and Neil Coker.  Neil headed home TODAY at 87 days!  Haha!
Sean and I at Dawn's house.
Neil (did I mention this is his THIRD stem-cell transplant?!), Dawn, and mom.
Neil, April, and Brady at Dawn's.
Whitney, mom, dad, and Sean at Dawn's.

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  1. Great photos! There are bonds that come from circumstances beyond our control. What a blessing to have friends and family in a home away from home setting! Miss you, love you and pray for you. Thanks for keeping us posted!

    Love, Jeff & Carol Meyers