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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daydreaming About Desmond

I know, I know...we shouldn't do it; but we are.  Ever since we were told it was pretty much a 99% chance that the baby would be a boy, we've been calling *him* Desmond and shopping for boy's clothes.  I know it's not smart...what *if* we're in that 1% that gets a girl????  But, we can't help ourselves; we're too excited!

Lately, I have been particularly bad...out-right scouring the web for cute toddler boy's clothes and goodies.  This little guy already has some pretty cool duds to don, and if it's a girl...well, paired with a frilly tutu skirt, I think most of it could be just as cute on a little lady. ;-)

So, what's been catching my eye lately?  Have a look for yourself:

Build-A-Bear Workshop came out with this ADORABLE "Year of the Dragon" plush that Dez just HAS to have!  Since our paperwork went through in January, Dez will be born no earlier than the end of that month; so, he will be our Year of the Dragon, baby; and mom's "re-birthday" from her stem cell transplant will be in this lucky year too.  What a year of blessings!  We want to send one of these to Dez in a care package with our voices recorded telling him how much we love him.

I have recently fallen IN LOVE with the designs of Cath Kidston.  She has so many beautiful things; but her children's clothing and goods are just magical, marrying a feeling of English country with New York hipster - I ADORE it all!  Here are some of the pieces that I'm just dying to buy up for little Dezzy!

Cath Kidston cowboy jumper, $46.

Cath Kidston guards shirt, $34.

Cath Kidston teepee tent (I'm not sure they're making these anymore - BUMMER!).

Another line that is screaming adorable all over the place is Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Mini" line for T*rget.  I am already guilty of buying a couple of pieces for the *little man*, but I've found more from the spring line that he might also "need".

Harajuku Mini Orange Sea Monster Shirt, $14.
Harajuku Mini blue boy's Pirate Pants, $18.

Harajuku Mini blue Sailor Jacket, $20.

Lately, every time I end up running errands for mom at T*rget or W*al-M*rt or anywhere really, I find myself having to go look at the children's book section.  When I was little, I adored books (still do!).  They were pretty much my most-prized possessions; so, I really look forward to reading with Dez and sharing my most favorite childhood books with him.

"Bee-Bim Bop!" by Linda Sue Park.  This is supposed to be a really good book about Korea cooking and family time.

Korean Children's Favorite Stories
Anything by Dr. Suess

"Under the Same Moon" recordable storybook at Hallmark.  We want to send this in one of Dez's care packages, but every time I try to read it my voice catches in my throat and I have to fight back sobs.

There are sooooo many, MANY more books that I want to read with Dez...too many to name really.  He's going to have quite the bookshelf to work through when he comes home.

We make and eat a LOT of different kinds of Asian food, from Thai to Japanese to Korean; and we use our own, personal chopsticks when eating them of course!  So, it only seems fitting that Dez have his own (*cute*) set of child's chopsticks to use (these have the character, "Crong" the frog, on them - he is on a show called "Pororo" who is a penguin who teaches Korean children colors, shapes, words, etc.).

Mr. C and I already tried to buy these Ikea Kritter chairs and Kritter table; but they were sadly sold out the day we were there - NEXT TIME!
I'm fairly vocal about my love and admiration for Melissa and Doug toys, but this sushi bento box set is one of my all-time faves!

One of the bigger things we need to finish in the nursery is the rug - a MUST since we have concrete floors (heated though they are).  Our plan at the moment is to create one of our own using these:

Flor tiles in "dashed off", $11.99/tile.
I'm sure I seem like a crazy lady, planning and buying for a baby that we haven't seen yet; but I'm so excited I don't care.  It seems like every day I'm reminded of how much we struggled to get here, but I try to focus on the fact that our baby IS out there.  He IS going to be matched with us.  He IS going to make it home to us, by the grace of God above who set this all in motion and is bringing us all together.  I cannot wait to see my little guy's face; but in the meantime, I'll keep daydreaming...

All the Love in the World,


  1. Love it! I may need a set of those childs chopsticks too!! We make them
    With folded paper and rubber bands for C, but I know he'd appreciate a set of his very own. Thanks for posting that link! And no, you are NOT a crazy woman for planning and dreaming about your beautiful child! How many millions of moms-to-be the world over do exactly the same thing (adoptive or bio)? Shoot. We don't even have a baby #2 anywhere on the way right now, and I ogled the newborn clothes at Target earlier today. It's just flat out not possible to resist.

    Anyway, congratulations, and enjoy your well deserved reveling!! Hugs!

  2. Desmond/Baby C will be floored when he is older, goes back and reads this blog and realizes how much he was loved even before you ever laid eyes on him!

    Gosh, I can learn so much about Korea by reading your blog and I AM Korean (in looks only), haha!

  3. Mandy- I know you from SC. Saw this today and thought of you.

  4. Hat is beautiful! Thank you so much for thinking of me...I definitely ok. Need one of these! :-)