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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gobena Coffee Has Arrived!

Today was the day - the day our Gobena Coffee arrived!  We've been meaning to order from this amazing coffee company for months, and we finally followed through a couple of weeks ago, putting our order in for one bag of Ethiopian (for Sean) and one bag of decaf (for me, since I can no longer have the "leaded" or "good stuff" :).

First off, if you're wondering about Gobena Coffee Co., you should follow the link on the right-hand side of my blog here to read their story in their own words.  It's truly an amazing and inspirational story, and I hope it will inspire many others to order their product as well.

Second, this is some delicious coffee!  No joke!  The decaf (which is decaffeinated using the Swiss water method) is full-bodied and extremely flavorful!  I can't wait to have a sip of the Ethiopian; which is supposedly the best!  Here's a pic of me enjoying my first sip of Gobena deliciousness!

The best part of ordering this yummy java is the fact that each bag feeds an orphan for a month!  Now, that's a cup of legal stimulant that you can really get behind! :)  So, go order yourself some Gobena and enjoy!!!!

(A bag of Gobena coffee and some extra goodies they gave us!)
Good coffee and a great cause - sounds delish to me!

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